I never knew oluchi when she was alive, but maybe our path crossed. Maybe she was one of those fine new hall girls I used to say Hi to. Oluchi like the rest of us came to Unilag to study, she had high hopes and expectations like everyone else. Maybe she came in through jamb or diploma I cannot say. But it’s heartbreaking that she died with her Bsc Accounting still in view. It is more heartbreaking that she died in an environment where she should have been safer. Oluchi was on her way back from church when a loose high tension wire landed on her electrocuting her in the process. Although there have been unverifiable reports in certain quarters that she was denied quick and urgent treatment at the Unilag medical center, her death was totally avoidable because students residing in the new hall area of campus confirm that there have been sparks on that electric pole for weeks and nothing was done about it. This problem is a microcosm of what entails in the Nigerian society where people charged with responsibilities close their eyes and wish a problem would just go away rather than tackle it head on.
Oluchi is dead now and Unilag is poorer for it. No words no matter how carefully crafted can bring her back.
And to the anekwe family, words fail me in my futile attempt to console your family so I won’t even try.
I simply pray that the soul of your beautiful and brilliant daughter rest in peace (Amen)

Honorable Timilehin Akegbejo
Faculty of Social Sciences, Unilag

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