Titles don’t honor men, men honor titles- Nichollo Machiavelli.

The Senate of the federal republic of Nigeria has been a mere gathering of comedians, drug barons, looters and political pensioners since 1999. The building remains hallowed, but the occupants have defiled it.
This 8th senate led by bukola saraki however appears destined to eclipse all others before it in tomfoolery and recklessness.

This senate it should be noted was birthed in fraud and forgery. From the election of saraki to the illegal amendment of the senate rule book- saraki and band of knaves have shown fraudulent dexterity that even the best con artist would be proud of. These shameless bunch of arrogant twats, inebriated with the mandate nigerians gave them packed themselves in coastal buses like assorted meats in a banga soup. With their ill fitting agbada, babariga and worsted suit,they toured abuja in a field trip to the Code of conduct tribunal abdicating their constitutional responsibility in the name of standing with their embattled leader. There is nothing “distinguished” or stellar about these senators except the stench of their dead brain cells…..These guys obviously have a Nigerian airways plane permanently parked in their medulla oblongata.

It is no longer news that ibn Na’allah(A man i would not dare call a senator out of respect for the title ) proposed a bill that has passed second reading in the senate. Although the nitty-gritty of the bill remains unknown, the intent is plain and simple. To stifle online dissent against government officials. The bill advocates a jail term of 2 years, 4
2 million naira fine or both for anybody that sponsors a petition the government deems “false”. The same penalty also applies to anyone that through social media sends “wrongful” information to the public.
Now i perceive this ibn na’Allah guy probably has excess fura de nunu in his system. Perhaps he woke up one morning bored and decided to amuse himself by sponsoring a bill to “deal with those social media people”. But he’s not alone on this perilous road, He has an ally in dinno meliarye, a persona bereft of intellectual acuity. A man more productive as a bodyguard than a senator. A shameless man who clawed his way back to mainstream Nigerian politics riding on the wave of the social media driven #OccupyNigeria protest. He’s now an undistinguished Senator with plans aimed at censoring social media.(LOOL, just LOOL)
The simple truth is this- the heat from the social media kitchen is becoming insufferable for them . They have witnessed first hand, in the last general election, the power of social media to drive public discussions and shape policies. Scared to their pants these cowards plan to eliminate the “threat” by censoring social media lest worse evil befall them. But we know this “evil” will befall them. Unless and until they focus on making relevant laws to better the lives of Nigerians we’ll continue to call them out on social media.

But the paradox is this- saraki, na’allah, melaye and their party the APC are all beneficiaries of social media. The tweets and retweets of Twitter, the posts and likes of Facebook and the broadcast messages of whatsapp and BBM helped amplify their change mantra. With food in their belly they now sing a different tune. Social media is now public enemy number one that must be done with. How many shades of hypocrisy is this???

Saraki and his boys say they “respect social media, but they must regulate to stop people from hijacking and abusing it”. But the pertinent question is this- How is it in their place to determine if social media is being “abused” or “hijacked”? Why should we trust this clump of jesters with the freedom of expression the constitution guaranteed us?
But we know the object of their invective, we know they’re not happy with the startling revelations of sahara reporters. If any undistinguished senator has a problem with Sahara reporters: let him/her sue either in New York where sahara is based or wherever civil procedure dictates. Social media users should not be the scapegoat because one idiot wants to flex muscle with a news agency.

I know nothing but this i know: that the cowardly effort by saraki and his band of con men to censure social media will fail. Just like mubarak and his goons were powerless to stop social media from ousting his sorry ass from power-One million Na’Allahs, saraki and melaye will not stand in the way of Nigerians. Social media is here to stay and we’ll continue to harness its power to advocate good governance . We’ll continue to tweet and retweet, let any senator not comfortable with this arrangement either join us on Twitter, or better still go to Hell 🙂

The time has come to show these comedians that we voted for them and as such they take orders from us, not the other way round!


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