Nigeria as a nation ought to improve on the gains we’ve made in our electoral process, not go back to the days of “operation wetie and the wild wild west”

I was never a fan of former president Goodluck Jonathan.
In fact, I believe he was a disaster as Nigeria’s president. But I respect him for his maturity and large heart in putting Nigeria first by conceding defeat even when the chieftains of his party, the Orubebe’s of this world wanted Nigeria to burn.
When Jonathan was president, he always congratulated the winner in an election even when the winner was not from his party. This is a rare trait for a Nigerian president, and I respect the son of Otuoke for this.

Every Nigerian regardless of party affiliation or any form of affiliation there is should condemn in the strongest possible terms, the violence marred rivers re-run election.
And I must commend Doyin Okupe in this regard. Dr doyin opined that ameachi, wike and ten of their closest aides be kept in protective custody during the rescheduled elections. The man is not just an “attack dog” after all. He, like every human is capable of reasoning; and I’m glad his brains are finally working even though they were on exile during the Jonathan years.
In saner climes, the dramatis personae in this game of thrones (rivers edition): Rotimi Amaechi and Nnesom wike would be in detention now explaining their role in the violence marred election. But this is Nigeria, so I don’t expect the prison doors to open for those who killed, maimed and stole ballot boxes in rivers. They’ll get the usual “go and sin no more”.
The Nigerian state is not interested in enforcing her laws, just to churn out new ones.
The problem here is this: Ameachi still thinks he’s the governor of rivers, while wike is oblivious of the fact that he’s now governor and ipso facto should act like one.

The sad news for the tax payer is that INEC has cancelled the election in all but 10 constituencies, meaning we have yet another inconclusive election on our hands. Meaning the people of rivers will have to go through this process again.
Innocent people died in rivers. Amongst them Samuel Okonta, a youth corper, serving his fatherland.
All these killings because two grown idiots from ikwerre are locked in a fight for supremacy
The time has come to organise a wrestling match for this senseless duo. Let them square off so we’ll know the winner and their stupid el-fightico rivalry can end. It’s becoming boring and innocent people are dying.
Rotimi Ameachi’s priority as transport minister includes ensuring that the different roads and rail projects are completed on time.
It doesn’t include leading a British like expedition to capture rivers state for the APC at all cost.

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